How it Began

In early 2010, James Gardner made a last-minute decision to move to California.

He’d spent his entire life in Kansas City and felt the need for a change.

Upon arrival in Sacramento, he landed a job at a small gourmet food store in Granite Bay. While there, he created a small prepared-foods case with everything from chicken salads to meatloaf, green beans to salmon dip. The owner asked him to add hummus to the case as it was quickly becoming a popular snack. He’d never really had hummus before so after a week of trying different varieties and brands he created his own recipe. It quickly grew in popularity among the customers; so much that it had to be made fresh almost daily to keep up with the demand.

Long story short, James ended up back in his beloved hometown of Kansas City in the Fall of 2010. He began making some of the recipes he’d created in California for friends and family but only one really stood out – the hummus. At the encouragement of many, he decided to figure out a way to package it and sell it. He spent six months planning, tasting and researching until he got a call from a small convenience store in Lee’s Summit in February 2011. It wasn’t even for sale yet, but they wanted to carry it in their store. They began selling it on March 1st, 2011.

Since then, The Hummus Co. has expanded into dozens more grocery stores throughout the Kansas City area.

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